King Express Train has a total of 25 cabins spreading over several carriages and accommodates up to nearly 100 passengers. 


King Express Train is one of the most popular trains linking Hanoi to Lao Cai. With a motto of “Serving you as serving the King and the Queen on board”, King Express Train promises to bring tourists the highest level of satisfaction. Choosing King Express Train to travel between Hanoi and Lao Cai, guests will have a wonderful opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the northwest mountainous areas in Vietnam. Along the way, passengers will be served by nice and professional attendants who are always pleasurable to meet different requirements

Train Highlights

  • Number of cabins: 13
  • Book early, save up to 30% 
  • Book up to 3 months in advance
  • E-ticket 
  • Tourist Train


King Express Train has a total of 25 cabins spreading over several carriages and accommodates up to nearly 100 passengers. The wooden decoration and the lighting system in and outside the cabins create the warm ambience and the luxurious space for King Express. Generally, each cabin is equipped with two-way air condition and nice berths with blankets, sheets, pillows, cold towels, and so on.

Cabins in King Express are categorized into two types, which are Deluxe Cabins and VIP Cabins. Deluxe Cabins are a popular choice for a family or a big group with 4 berths. Meanwhile, VIP Cabins has private and intimate space with 2 berths which is pretty suitable for couples or singles who desire to enjoy their privacy. Especially, some classes including Business, Deluxe, and Deluxe Private will be free cake, candy, beer cans, Coca-Cola/ Pepsi, and flowers


King Express Train is operated everyday with fix schedule for visitors. On the route from Hanoi to Lao Cai, King Express carriage travel with SP3 fast train, with starting time at 9.50 PM, reaching Lao Cai Province at 6.30 am the next day. The reverse route has some minor difference, with SP4 fast train serving as tractor for the carriage and 2 options with travelling time from 8:20 PM and arriving at 6.00 am the following day. For some reason likes bad weather or technical issues, schedule might be modified, and changes on time are informed to passengers immediately. 

SP3: Depart Hanoi - Lao cai: (22:00 – 06:10)
SP4: Depart Lao cai - Hanoi (21:00 - 5:09)

Pros & Cons


Professional services are the strength of King Express Train. All staffs in the train are well-trained and always ready and happy to serve passengers. In addition, the train also serves complimentary light snacks and drinks such as candy, cake, bottled water, etc.


King Express's large number of cabins on offer may mean that the operator can not pay attention to individual's needs. If you have special request please inform us in advance